Mag’har Reputation Guide

Thinking that Mag’har grind was going to be another long mind numbing grind I put it off for some time, but once I completed it I found it was the fastest out of the three for the Diplomat (not to mention some sweet mounts!). For this grind again you’ll want to complete every quest possible (for rep and the incredible lore behind this faction) before begining your grind.

Hellfire Quests

In order to begin gaining reputation with Mag’har (Horde start out as unfriendly) you must first complete a chain in Hellfire Penisula. The chain starts with The Assassin. This chain is designed to introduce you to the Mag’har and will have you run back and forth a few times to them, then back to Orgrimmar to talk to Thrall and then finally back out to Hellfire. It does open up a few quests there and then ubruptly ends with Administering the Salve. But don’t worry this isn’t the last you’ll see of our brown skinned friends, and these quests will at least put you at neutral with them.

Nagrand Quests

Quest Hand ins: 13,220 Rep
The goal here is to pick up every single quest there is to do; Click here for a list.
Also there is an extra chain in Nagrand. It becomes available after completing (Blade Master Chain, Altruis the Demon Hunter Chain, The Totem of Kar’dash) Two of these chains don’t give you Mag’har rep directly, but they are still required for one of the most lore intensive quests in the game.
Remember to save every Obsidian Warbead you find.

The Grind (Sweet Spot)

Orges = 10 rep per kill
Warbead hand in = 500 rep
By the time you’ve finished all of the quests you should be about half way through Honored (this is depending on how many mobs you killed along your way that gave rep).

Now remember all of those Obsidian Warbeads that I told you to save? Well you have two options: 1. Save them and the ones you get from grinding orges for Consortium Rep OR 2. Save them and hand them all in to fly through revered to exalted with our brown-skinned friends.

But where do we get them? Some say the orge camps (Bladefist etc..) However the best spot I found to grind orges and collect warbeads is 40.5,33.2 Nagrand. The northmost cave in the Halaa Basin.

If I start outside the cave, clear my way inside, follow the right hand wall around and back out the first orge I killed has already respawned (keeping in mind I’m doing this on an 80 toon in ICC 10/25 gear [so I move fast]).
If you’re using option 1: You’ll do this until you hit exalted. If you’re using option 2: Do this until you hit 0/21000 (just dinged revered) AND you have 420 warbeads (more on this below).

Things to keep in mind for option 2:
10 warbeads nets you 500 rep, based on basic math skills 21000/500 = 42 hand ins OR 420 beads.
Usually I end up at about 450-460 beads by the time I hit revered, but you may need to go over, just know for every 50 orge kills after revered you need 10 less beads to hand in.
eg: 50 Kills * 10 Rep/each = 500/21000 rep would need 410 beads to hit 21000/21000.

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